Sunday, October 29, 2006

Start Losing Weight

Here are strategies from health experts for taking off ten pounds -- and keeping them off:
  • Cut 500 calories a day. Registered dietitian Paul R. Thomas, co-editor of Eat for life, says, "In general, if you cut 500 calories a day every day, that's a pound a week."
  • Stay in motion, Independent of weight loss, exercise strengthens joints and bones, lowers blood pressure and improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system. Walking or jogging a mile burns about 100 calories. Certain ordinary activities burn about 150 calories: gardening for 30 to 45 minutes, raking leaves for 30 minutes.
  • Get high-tech help -- free. Visit the Shape Up America! "cyberkitchen" at enter your age, height, weight, normal activity level and gender, and you'll be told what changes to make in your diet and physical activity in order to lose the recommended pound a week.

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